Membership Site Integration

Please, what is the best membership software to integrate for an investment website that will have some ecommerce features? Or am I better off using Webflow’s ‘Users’ function with beta?

That depends entirely on the features & capabilities you require.

If you need user-specific data, and a user-specific dashboard, you might look towards Memberstack.

If you are storing confidential user data somewhere ( not the CMS ), and need to deliver it in to a more secure page you might see if Wized + Xano can provide 2FA and good secure integration from external data sources.

If you need complete control, you’ll be exporting your WF site HTML and building a custom secure back-end system.

The website would require people who create an account to be able to deposit money and earn a commission after purchasing a product and reselling it with the money. I would also like to export the site to another hosting using Udesly.

Any time you’re dealing with financial transactions, your security needs will be rather high. You’ll need a platforms that supports MFA.

Then you need to research membership solutions that will work with your target hosting environment, WordPress, Shopify, Jamstack, etc.

Webflow is targeted at designers and is great at building nice-looking sites, but it’s not designed to build systems or applications. You’ll need to figure out what you’re building, and how, first, before you start digging into the stack you’re building it on.

For several reasons, Webflow Memberships is not part of that stack. No MFA, No user-specific data, it’s in BETA, and it won’t work on sites hosted elsewhere.

Build this in Webflow and use Memberstack. That makes it all exportable.

You can have users deposit money via Memberstack’s native payment integration.

You can track the “earned commissions” easily enough (either in Memberstack or through Make / Integromat), and you can wire together your own purchasing flow.

I have a bunch of Webflow + Memberstack tutorials on my blog that should spark the ideas you need to make this happen:

Hope that helps!