Anyone here tried StackHive? (what appears to be a Webflow clone)

I took a look at it, but man I find it quite messy. It’s like they took Webflow and replaced everything slick about it with a 3rd of the effort. It runs really bad and even though it is designed almost exactly like the Webflow UI I felt lost and annoyed.

They have a few nice features that Webflow doesn’t but I would rather wait for something that all works than a piece of software with a bunch of features that don’t work.

No worries Webflow guys. I don’t think people will be leaving for this product at all.

Oh and ya, with all of this hacking and malware going around I would NEVER trust someone with the title ‘Hacker’ to handle my personal info, especially my Credit Card…Keygens right on the Desktop and a blatant lie about not knowing anything about Webflow? Wtf.


Its a Clone of WF!!!
But can import existent sites. But i wll never try. I will wait to happens here!!! Blogs, CMS and form export.

Tks webflow for all

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Sergie, it’s not about getting things right as you guys are not doing anything wrong… Keep up the good work, Stackhive is and will be seen as a cheap knock-off which will come un-stuck. As some of the comments mention, adding a few extra design tools to the workflow will definitely add value and retain customers but I also believe slowly rolling out these additions is best to safeguard the companies integrity and minimising potential bugs…

I think I can speak on behalf of all webflow users that we can’t wait for improvements to your service but patience is a virtue and when these ‘hackers’ try and replicate your product just see it as a compliment :wink:

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Wow im impressed, how come someone get the job to copy almost inch for inch.
What i did not like is the fact that they lied, never used Webflow? The desktop folder clearly
shows it, the panels are mostly the same, i wouldn’t worry, they have something missing.
@Darian and @topelovely said exactly the way i feel, it feels fake, looks very very good
but i can tell that the soul is missing, keygens and hackers are not in the same sentence as
“trust” , i won’t change Webflow for nothing. Seems like those fake ipads that looks the same
but when you touch them they feel like raw plastic with hard edges and they are soooo slow.
Same case here. When Webflow was launching they uploaded a fast speed video too.
How come a guy with such knowledge to create that complete interface have ZERO originality !!!
@Shapiro puts them well on their place by showing comparison pictures. Good Work !
Interesting but those guys are definetely on some kind of dark side.

Even more proof , lol what a liar please , he edited the video where he shows his desktop
but seems to forgot to edit this at 00:08 :


I really don’t like the UI of Stackjive. Been there, actually been to “Other prototype tools like this”(I’ve found WF is the best one for me). but the only thing I like is that Stackjive got bootstrap 3 framework. Which I wish WF have this as an option. Seriously, I’m dying to have this as option/framework.

Here is their New Years email blast. Notice the use of the word interactions.

StackHive is Getting Better this New Year!

Hi There,

First of all, thank you for being a part of StackHive! We are really glad with the huge amount of support and positive feedback we received from people all around the world. Thanks to you, we were able to squash a lot of bugs and optimize StackHive!
StackHive is now almost 4 weeks old and we hope to make it the BEST tool over time. Your feedback and queries are helping us a lot in achieving that, so please continue to do so and help us in making StackHive the Fastest Web Design and Development tool out there :slight_smile:
Our goal with StackHive is to help every developer and designer in creating awesome and unique front-end at lightning speed. We are really excited about 2015 and have a lot of new features in the pipeline like Javascript Plugins (or Interactions), our Blog & Forum and many more.
We hope to create a huge community of developers and designers around StackHive and shape it together, so if you have any feedback for us or have some interesting ideas/features that you think would help all of us in saving development time, do say hi at or use the form at Contact Us page on StackHive.
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and wish you have an awesome New Year!


I don’t trust them. And yes, it looks like a blatant ripoff. I don’t really care what features they add. For all we know, Webflow will match it or go beyond very soon.


  1. Somebody with money used to hire a copycat (Freelancer is the Pakistani stealing jobs site) *kind of like the Chinese stealing manufacturing jobs - undercut and underbid every job to get the job.

  2. Webflow hired freelancer to do the startup code and this is what you get for hiring a “freelancer”.

  3. An elaborate email grabbing scheme * you have to ‘log in with twitter’ account to make a comment on (which gives them access to your twitter account) DONT DO IT!

  4. This kind of theft really pisses me off. I have had my ideas and work stolen before and it is EXTREMELY distressing.
    It is clearly theft - they have even stolen the rocket ship design work and most of design aspects.

I’m all for ‘competition’… but this is nothing more than a scam, either a scam to scam webflow or a scam to scam you of your hard earned money.
I would stay well clear of it.

I agree with being able to add your own ‘framework’
but i’m sick of bootstrap and foundation being the only choices.
why not any css - 20,000 characters is just not enough…
you could easily ,bump this # up a bit…

I get your point but then I’d like to see the prices lower since there are a lot of features that are missing. Also is there somewhere you could post what is upcoming with a timescale? If we knew how long it would take roughly before these additional features are likely to show up that would be useful. Indeed how about setting up some means of getting your customers to vote on which feature they would most like added so that you can work on the things that matter most to us.

Hey @DawnM, thanks for the post.

The community uses the feedback/wishlist topic to post wanted features. People then can like and comment to express their support.