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Any way to pull uploaded file name into CMS?

I have a business hosting, which allows me to create custom forms with file uploads.

I want to allow my users to upload 4 pdfs. Thing is, these 4 pdfs could be different…they’re not predefined. For example, it’s not “upload terms of service here”. It’s just 4 spots to upload pdfs.

Now, because they could be any pdfs, I thought then maybe using the file name from the PDF could make a good identifier that I could pull into the CMS template into a text block or a button that’s linked to the uploaded PDF. Something that gives a clue as to what could be inside this PDF.

I guess these aren’t just random PDFs…they’re all related to the field/industry for my app, but they’re still generic enough that between all the research I’ve done, there isn’t an industry standard for what these PDFs should be.

Is there a better way for this? Do my best to predefine the fields? Offer users a way to type in what their PDF is? Select from a dropdown?

I appreciate any suggestions/ideas that would preserve the ease-of-use.