Any way to console log the response of a Logic HTTP request?

Hey y’all. So I have an HTTP request set up through the logic feature that works fine in testing, but only appears to succeed on the actual site. It gives a success message on form submission, but no actual record is produced by the endpoint.

This tells me there’s something wrong with the json object being submitted by the actual form, and that I’m likely missing some validation somewhere.

It would be infinitely easier to figure this out if I could see a log of the server response, as it pinpoints exactly what’s wrong with the payload.

However, I can’t seem to find any way to actually log that response. Ideally I’d just console.log it on the client for testing purposes.

To be clear, I can see the response when I’m in the Logic flow screen and go to “test” the flow, but I need to see the response on the client when I’m on the actual page submitting the form, not in the test environment.

Any way to do this?

EDIT: Quick update, I just tried changing the endpoint to to debug the json that way. For some reason, the form isn’t actually submitting anything. It gives the success screen, but that webhook endpoint isn’t receiving anything.

When I submit the data through the Logic test page, the webhook endpoint does actually receive a request.

Any suggestions on how to debug why the form is saying success when it isn’t actually submitting anything to the endpoint?

Unfortunately when you’re talking about Webflow internals there’s virtually nothing the community can do advice-wise except “contact support.”

Have they given you any insights?