How to use the JSON response from an HTTP Request in Logic

Hi. I have successfully set up an HTTP request to an external API and am receiving the correct response when I test it. Part of the response includes an external url that I would either like to redirect the user to, or display on the page so the user can click on it.

Is this something that is possible with Logic? I don’t see any options in the Logic/Flow builder to do anything like this. I am capable of writing Javascript, so I could write custom code, but I’m not sure how to approach this.

I’ve looked at tutorials and documentation but I’m just not seeing anything to help me. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I found a great video on how to create the HTTP requests which helped me figure that part out but I’ve found nothing on what to do with that data in the response.

Hi @Lisa_Catalano I am looking to do the same thing, did you figure out how to redirect the user based on the response?

No not possible with Logic realistically, because it’s not designed to return a response to your site.

If you can make the API request from client JS ( no security required, no API keys, no CORS issues ), then you can just get the response back and do a redirect.

If you need security, build your API integration in a middle tier arrangement. Netlify serverless functions are great for this, but there are many other solutions. Then you’d call your own endpoint, pass your own request, get your own response, and do your redirect.

All API keys etc would be inside of your serverless function directly so they are not exposed in your page.

@memetican Thanks for the recommendation of Netlify. For the moment I’ve rebuilt my logic flow in It’s a shame this is not possible with webflow logic flows, it would be so powerful!

No, it looks like it is not possible and I didn’t even find a good way to solve my problem. It is unfortunate that Logic doesn’t have more options once you receive the response.