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Any recommendations for white-label crowdfunding software?

Hello all,

I have been using Webflow for a while now and I must say it is an amazing tool that can only get better but not too much better as it’s pretty impressive right now as i speak :slight_smile:

I wish to ask the community for some advice please… I have recently set up my own company with the view to creating a crowdfunding kickstarter/indiegogo equivalent website for the county I live in. I already have the backing of the county council in `principle``.

But I have looked at various crowdfunding white label solutions and so far they have been more about giving a user the ability to run one campaign on ther own site to work in conjunction with a campaign elsewhere, not what I want. The other platforms look like they do provide a kickstarter clone where once setup I can provide a hub for businesses and indvidials in the county to sign up and submit their own campaigns and in return my company takes a small fee from the total they have receievd in backers and donations. But a few of these cost $499 per month to run? not exactly cheap especially when starting out. IgnitionDeck is good value but I dont fancy running a crowdfunding site on WordPress, if it gets hacked and people’s campaigns get messed with then bye bye my company.

Any ideas on how to achieve this? would it be better the employ a Ruby Developer, if so what would you think they’d cost as a rough guesstimate?



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Hello Steven, yeah some crowdfunding engines can be quite expensive. I am a business developer at Thrinacia. Thrinacia is an easy to use customizable whitelabel crowdfunding software that helps you build your own reward and donation crowdfunding website with no coding experience required. Thrinacia competes heavily on both price and quality. Currently experimental plans are $69.99 CAD and build plans are $169.99 CAD. Thrinacia is based out of Vancouver Canada, but is currently supporting clients from around the world. Thrinacia also spends a lot of time ensuring that any hosted sites are secure and reliable.

Here is a link to Thrinacia’s pricing page:

Let me know if you have questions. You can contact me directly via email, (, or through this forum. Thanks.

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