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Any new pages added do not show in navigation bar

First off, I am new to webflow. I have duplicated a page that already exists in the navigation bar and then changed the name of the page and the content of the page. This duplicated page does not show up in the navigation bar on the preview site nor does it when I publish to the .io site. The page in question is “Cybersecurity Resilience Platform” under the “Services” dropdown. I’ve tried adding other new pages to the site as test pages to see if they would show but so far none of the new pages I have added show in the navigation bar. I need to get this page published for client review and I am stumped.

Please help

Here is my site Read-Only:
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Hi @thefactory

After you duplicate the page and change content you just need to add another link into your navigation manually. Unfortunately webflow won’t automatically add a link into your navbar, but it should be super easy to just Copy (CTRL C) and paste a pre-existing link and edit that to link to your new page.

Let me know if I am missing something :slight_smile:



I got a response from webflow as well Thomas_92. I got it figured out based on both replies. Thank you very much. Sorry a reply took so long I recently broke my patella and had to get surgery.