Any More Demo Kits?

I would confess that this demo kit by StevenP is amazing:

Are there more demo kits like this with a different perspective?

I would really appreciate any leading.

cc: PixelGeek, StevenP

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I think the demo kit you posted is by the Webflow team but not sure. @StevenP has one and @vincent has one here

There are probably more out there. I have one that I keep stuff in to remind myself…how to…but it’s ugly.

Thanks for the help :smile:

You can share yours, it doesnt matter - no knowledge is lost

Njaa…as @jdesign pointed out i believe the official Webflow Demo Kit, my site and @vincent are the only ones with a respective amount of content. I might be wrong (I’d love to!) so to anybody reading this: Show me what you got! :smile:

…and thanks for your kind words! :smile:

You guys are great. Thanks.

any more demo kits coming from you in the near future?

Rather busy at the moment, so “no” would be the answer. Its pretty connected: Busy means little or no time to browse the forum which means not finding any cool stuff to demo. But I hope to get some time to do it, but at the moment it’s hard!

Ok, i understand. hope to be in your shoes someday :smile:

Work hard and it will pay off. That sentence usually never fails :smile:

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Hey guys, quick update! The demo kit was requested to be made cloneable so I had to work around a few things and the link is different now.

You can now clone the demokit and save your changes so you can build onto it! Please share new ideas and additions and I can add them into the kit smile

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