Why does the "Demo Kit" page in the Help Center doesn't work?

Hi ,

I am a bit disappointed that the “Demo Kit” page is not showing anymore. It is (was?) a great tool to enhance the usability, fonctionnality, design of the websites I was working on .

Thanks to Webflow I already learned about a lot of HTML & CSS concepts&rules and the Demo Kit page allowed me to master new concepts .

Could someone from the staff tell me what happened to the link?

Thanks in adavance and keep up the great work, really looking forward Webflow CMS!!!

Same here!, it would be great to see the Demokit again please.

Hey guys, we’re working on bringing it back - sorry about that!

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Hey guys, super sorry about the broken link! The demo kit was requested to be made cloneable so I had to work around a few things and the link is different now.

You can now clone the demokit and save your changes so you can build onto it! Please share new ideas and additions and I can add them into the kit :slight_smile:

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