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Reveal Under Navigation (Slide Over Navigation)

Does anyone know how to make off-canvas navigation? Check out a site like for an example (the menu, on the right hand side).

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Under settings, when you have the menu open. Change the Menu Type to “open right”. This will cause the mobile menu to open from the right. It won’t cause the page to slide over, like in your example, but will make the menu slide over the page. If you want this to happen on all devices including mobile. Just set the option.

Hi @jordanshotwell, this demo may be helpful:

Page Title: Reveal Under Navigation

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


@thewonglv Well I found that useful. The Responsive Alternate Content Position was a nice way to handle that! I’ve approached that layout a few ways (hiding the image sometimes and showing a different image on smaller screens to control position). I liked the method you used.

Is the demo kit something you will be keeping available?

Absolutely. It’s something I started to keep around because sometimes a reduced test case is more useful than a tutorial (i.e. teach how to fish vs give a fish). Glad you find it helpful :slight_smile:

@thewonglv don’t get me wrong – the demokit rocks – but i wish (for rapid development) that I could grab elements from it and copy them into my own projects. but that also goes for symbols from project to project.

please tell me i’m mistaken and i can do that (fingers crossed).

Hi @typmantypo, I hear you :slight_smile: You will see improvements in ways that you can manage site elements in the future :slight_smile: Follow this thread and let your voice be heard :slight_smile: Sharing/copying pages, elements, symbols, components, etc across projects

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