Images not displaying on mobile view

Hi! Some images are not showing up on the mobile view. As you can see in the editor, if I change an aspect of the missing images, it will show up in the designer but it will disappear 10 seconds later or if I publish.

Any help would be appreciated!



Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Portfolio

A few issues…

You have 3 duplicate images, one with an interaction:

The interaction is a scrolling in view interaction, meaning this is fired when in view:

And you are changing opacity:

My suggestion is to clean all that up a bit, remove the interaction and test again.

Thank you for the input. That animation is to show the design process as users scroll downward. Unfortunately, the issue is happening on single images elsewhere with no animations involved.

Here is a more simple example where the image of the sketches does not show up on mobile:

Web view is on the left and the mobile view (iPhone XR on Safari) on the right:

Did you ever figure this out? i’m going crazy, the images on mobile version show up in designer for a few seconds then disappear. they reappear if i change any styling, display or size and then disappear again. they don’t show up in preview at all. this only happens on mobile

Also following this thread because I’m having the exact same issue as Aya and I’m losing my mind…