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Any Google Speedtest tips?

To get google’s Speedtest with mobile tot a 100% is maybe to much to ask… I See Webflow is strugling with this to:

I tried to make a Blog page with the highest possible score:

But i don’t get higher than the score of 70.
Anyone tips? (1 know i have to get rid of one Google Font…)


It would help if Webflow would be accepting JPEG2000 images.

If I use the speedtest on my project, it is only slow because of the images:

I once exported my webflow project… changed all the .jpg to jpeg2000, and I saved a lot of speed.

You should also make sure your images are not to big, and if Webflow does not create a -500/800px image out of it, you could provide it yourself for mobile.

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Not sure why Google ranks your page just 69 (in my test here), your images are not that large.

On my case studies pages the results are at like 75-85 or so (depending on the Google Insights mood I guess) for mobile only because of a helluva lot of gifs. But for a portfolio page it is understandible. If I were to remove the gifs the tests would score a solid 90 I think.

I think googles speedtest is a little too harsh. Your site is getting 89/100 with website.grader from Hubspot and 83/100 with Pingdom and that’s pretty good results.

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