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Can't seem to get Google Pagespeed rating above 90

I’m currently trying to get a higher pagespeed insights rating on this site:


And I can’t seem to get it above 90 I made a post here a few days ago about the things that did work but those things don’t seem to get me above 90, instead I’m stuck at somewhere around a 86 rating for this site, for all the others I optimised I got it above 90.

I decided I’d test a random cloneable site also made in Webflow so I tested: which gets a 91 on mobile and a 92 or desktop. I’ve looked at them both side by side but I can’t seem to find out what is doing right.

Does anyone of you have an idea?

Test without the Chat running and see.

I tried that yesterday but that didn’t work.

Well you can optimize some of the images and test there. You basically do all you can. Many of the lighthouse recommendations can’t be further optimized with Webflow hosting.

I just tried removing all images which got the desktop score from 86 to 91. But mobile is still on 55 (with no images at all)

I’ve created this project in 2016. Could it be that it’s still using old settings or something?

Web fonts carry a lot of weight and slow down sites. I just tested a plain page project and it scored 100 on desktop and 99 on mobile with no Webfonts. See Pagespeed Insights for this test

Not if you republished recently. It all comes down to choices since they have consequences. Good luck

Are manually uploaded fonts considered web fonts? Because as far as I know I’m not using web fonts. Just 1 manually uploaded font.

Michael, I remember out chat, you need to look at other tools to find out where to look.
Speed insight is a bit basic.
Also try dev tools in browser page insight, it gives more info and score.
Speed is 95 but accessibility and best practice is 85 so I guess that’s the low score.