Big difference Google PageSpeed Scores Desktop and Mobile

Hi friends,

Google indicates big differences between PageSpeed scores Desktop (score: 99) and Mobile (score: 67).

What drives this? Plus: how can I optimize mobile?

Google scores in below / attached images:


Here is my site


The same thing with our site Also interesting to learn any advices.

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Crickets…chirp… chirp…
Come on Webflow folks… I’m in love with Webflow and now you let me hanging… any perspective on this?

on the same boat here :disappointed:

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I have had this for all sites I have done in webflow, but its not related to just webflow. You can take pretty much any site and see this sort of rating for mobile, heck I even tested Microsoft and they came under a satisfactory score. If you are hitting 100/100 what more can you do for mobile?? I think its just really really brutal scoring, that is to protect places with very limited net speeds and low quality devices.

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We had the idea that this gap on mobile can be fulfilled with AMP pages. Yes, they don’t range as the main speed factor now, but maybe Google still save some points for AMP enablement. But it’s hard to check it on Webflow, as it doesn’t support it :frowning:

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thanks for your input… that makes me feel a bit better…

Test it fails hard on mobile. I think if you’re in the 70’s or above your doing really well.

Mobile uses slow 4G throttling so the measurements are reflected by that and the user experience.