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Why speed of downloading website is low

hi why speed is low on google test

58 / 100

How large are your images?

its around 1 mb total

i check few websites from showcase all of them have bad results - is it alert about bad webflow optimization?

Hey there @Animeshka_Animeska_3

Do you mind sharing the website?

i share it already -

My website, 1,1MB only gets a 62 score on mobile and 70 on desktop, would like to know the answer.

Here’s another tool you can use, you need to work on the SEO a bit and you’re score will go over 90/100

And another tool:

Your site is doing just fine, just not with googles tools :smiley:


And here’s discussion about page ranking and the result from Googles Page speed test.

Most of the problems that are uncovered by tools like this are attributed to the render-blocking scripts. Webflow team even promised to redo their script delivery sometime in the future if I remember correctly. Hopefully this will drive the performance for most sites made with WF up.