Animations don't run smooth when page loads

Hi there,

I have on this website elements triggers when the page loads up. But the animations don’t look very snappy when it loads up for the first time. For example on the home page the logo, menu and ‘scroll’ text look like they have a hard time sliding into view.

I was thinking that a pre loader is an option. But there is not so much to load and the pre loader will show up maybe for 0.5 sec. In my opinion, that doesn’t make sense.

Really hope there is a better solution to this.

Still trying to solve this, nobody has any answers?

Hey! What do you mean by “hard time”? Would reducing the ms delay time help for you? As 800 ms for the ‘Scroll’ text is a long time.

For example, try 100 ms for the logo, 300 ms for the menu and 500 ms for the text.