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Interactions elements loading slowly on page

Hi there, hope somebody can throw some light on this issue.

We’ve got a page with animated elements, all controlled by Interactions, and the page is loading slower than desired (on returning to the page it’s fine, but the first time load isn’t so good).

You can view it here

This version is an exported html version hosted elsewhere, and it loads faster on the first load. Is there a reason for this?

Is there anything I can do to get things to work better on the pure Webflow version?
Here’s a share to the project if you want to inspect closer.


You can use a short preloader. I guess your images in the intro are just large enough to make the loading visible. btw for me personally your exported version loaded much slower than webflow one.

Thanks Dram. Will look into that.
Thanks for feedback on the loading time of the comparison site too.