Animations stuttering a bit

The images on my website seem to stutter a bit when loading in.

If you scroll down to the bottom of the home page, where there are three images, the animation does not play smoothly link

On each of the case pages, the first image sometimes loads a bit slowly, even though I assume they are already optimized by Webflow link

Here is my public share link

Hi, everything runs very smoothly on my end.

Hey @designor

Just wanted to share a tidbit you could look at, since I had a similar issue. The animations are on the section, then wrapper, then the text div. I would try taking those text elements off their own individual interaction. In the code this will be 8 different jQuery/JavaScript references. You can take each 4 and put into 1 interaction block, which would remove 6 code references and leave 2. Those text lines can be staggered inside the same interaction and now the timer will sync a little better.

Just like you did for the second case preview on the last wrapper. Try this for all your blocks and see if that helps.