Working with Adobe XD and Webflow

Hi Guys,

I LOVE Adobe XD and really enjoy designing my websites in here. What I have been doing is using XD to design and prototype the website, before moving over to Webflow and building it from scratch.

I am really keen to hear the process others use in moving from XD to Webflow. If there is anyway you save time? Is there any way the two can integrate? Are there pans in the future you know of… what is your process?

Hoping to gain some helpful tips to streamline my process.

Look forward to hearing from you all!


Hi @Amira_Roberts,

At this time, I do not know of any type of integrations between XD, Figma, Sketch, or Invision App. Although you never know what could happen come the future. I do know that the team at Webflow uses Figma for their layouts.

As far as the process, you can actually watch some of the new YouTube videos from @PixelGeek that he has on build a site from scratch in a day. You can see the process here:

Start with that one and move on. there are I believe 4 others to watch too.


Thank you WebDev_Brandon! I will be sure to take a look at these. I had not come across @PixelGeek before. I will also checkout Figma out of interest, however I think it will be hard to find something I love as much as XD.

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