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Who is webflow aimed at?


I am a web designer / developer
I am looking at the tutorials of webflow and wondered who webflow was aimed at?
Is it aimed at web designers / developers for mockups etc… or for people that can’t code to get a website up?

I am just trying it out and personally it would only be used for mockups. Is there a plan aimed at this use?

Hi dazzweb, (sorry for my english)

I´m a webdesigner, i like to draw interfaces, create beautiful things and i want to focus all my energy in drawing.
Of course i had to learn html/css but it´s something i don´t like to do.

If you notice, webdesign tools are changing, more and more tools are coming out helping webdesigners. I like to drag stuff around and build AND NOT WORRY ABOUT CODE.

I still think is ridicules the time we spend writing html/css code, and for getting things even worse, responsive design. 70% of the time, i spend in a website is writing website html/css, and those tiny css bugs that drives you crazy.

For example, if you open Visual Studio, you can see that you can drag buttons or other type of elements to the canvas. In a way, it´s the same thing, the buttons are already made so the developers can focus on more important thing… and they don´t use Visual Studio for mockups :wink:

The problem with this type of tools WYSIWYG, is the exported code, everything in absolut position, very crapy code… then comes webflow in the picture.

Webflow code is actually very nice, clean and responsive, that´s why is so good.

I really don´t consider webflow has a mockup tool.

Do this, take on of your psd designs and try to make it in webflow (with responsive), export the code and check it out.

Do the pros and cons:

  • Time you spent doing manually vs webflow time.
  • Your code vs webflow code.

If you are a good developer, your code will probably better than webflow, but the code diference is that big ?
And the development time?

Hope i can help you,