Animation/element trigger is not showing up

Hello everyone!

I am trying to edit an element trigger to change the interaction, but when I click the element with the trigger, it does not show up in the panel on the right side. I can’t find out how to change it.

This is how it looks like:

Does anyone have an idea what I am doing wrong? Is it a bug?


Here is my public share link:

Hi @dan42 and welcome.

  1. I do not see any animation created or assigned for mouse click (only for page load)
  2. you did not specified what interaction and what element should be a trigger

The best way to get help you should be a bit more descriptive as

is not helping at all.

Ah sorry! But yes, that is exactly the problem: I can’t see the animation I set up in the panel before. But as you can see the lightning symbol is on the element, the animation is also showing up on the live site. Only in the right panel is it not showing it. So now I have no idea how to edit it.

hi @dan42 your hover interaction is JS in your page setting but you should know that when you wrote this code. When :hover div-block-55 is changing opacity so you need to find whre you have placed this code. Isn’t it in your Page settings - custom code?

If action was there and now is gone without you to removing it just try to delete this video element and add new to see what happened it can be WF glitch

Hmm, the JS interaction with the custom code is playing the video on hover. The trigger on the element is an animation set up natively in Webflow. It is used it to show the “discover more overlay” and used to show up on the right panel, but eventually stopped.

So you think the custom code, is messing up the interaction?

Yes, I think that would be best—I will try to set everything up again.

Hi @dan42 just remove and replace problematic video element (first one) to see if issue persist.

hi @dan42 is this issue still open to be solved?