How to view interactions panel triggers

This has to be a really simple thing I’m missing - how in the world do I view the interaction/triggers I put in my project?? I want to adjust timing on the Lottie animation but simply cannot see how to open the panel where the trigger timings can be seen (all I can see now is in attached screenshot)
Thanks for the help!!

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Each interaction is stored within the element item you use for the trigger.

This is to reduce confusion on what element the trigger is set on. In the example above I have the trigger set on a div block.

Unfortunately, the parents or children cannot view the triggers.

Dave, thank you for the reply. I have to apologize, I was not very clear in my post about what I was looking for, sorry about that!
I’ve cloned Moritz Petersen’s AirPod Pro tutorial and am trying to view the animation triggers, but I simply cannot figure out how to do that.
I created the project separately and am able to see it when I create a new animation trigger, but once that is done and closed, I cannot see it again! (see attached screenshot).
It goes back to the panel where you put in the new animation triggers.
Can you tell me what I’m doing wrong??

*** This is the panel I see - no existing actions:

Can you share your site?

Sure thing, Dave - here is the link:

As I mentioned, this is the cloned Moritz Petersen’s project that I’m trying to understand and learn from. Thanks for your help!

In your navigator, it shows which elements contain the triggers.


Click on the element, and then click on the trigger tab, and then click on the created trigger:


After choose which animation you would like to view and click on the gear.

Everything will be listed there.

You’re the man, Dave!
I followed your instructions and sure enough - there they are!
Thank you so much for your help - I’m going to go through this project today and hopefully will be able to make my own :slight_smile:

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Good luck! Let me know if I can help.

Thank you so much for your help dave!

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