Legacy interaction - how to make it work?1

Could somebody explain in 3 steps or so; - how to make element slide down onto pressing button. I been playing in legacy interaction panel for an hour.
So there is button (B) above it there is an image/ element (A) - which I need to disappear by pressing button B ( I know ill use move action and select other element - but still I cant make it work!)

Here is my public share link: LINK
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onClick event

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so the screen shot is for the button settings? - do i have to do same settings for the element to trigger ?

Thanks much, I think I done it - im just getting page scrolled up by about 20% with triggering button ( which i dont need) and not sure why yet.

You select the source element… a link / image / whatever you want.

Then select the interactions tab.

With the source element selected… choose a trigger… click / hover / etc

When the trigger screen displays… select the “affect different element” toggle and enter the target element name

Then start adding steps to the interaction.

“8 Click” in the image - is the where you add the steps.

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when you start building a lot of interactions…
you will end up with something like this… (and this is relatively small)

I generally name the interaction after the source element…

Thanks. legacy action I wanted i’ve done it- but there is a weird glitch- when target comes to original position page scrolls down with it by 20% :frowning:

I’d have to see it. If you post a public links… myself or someone else could take a look at it.


so im not sure what makes page push down - when target comes back to original position?

are you mixing IX 1 and IX2 - both the Legacy and the New Interactions in the same project ?

Also - your download link connect to SLIDINGVOUCHER.

Select the download link then select the SETTINGS page.

Change that value will change the slide you are encountering.

I have change legacy and good for me. Sure, I have to redownload link on webflow