Menu anchor links are not working

Hi there!

Was fixing a page today and noticed that anchor links to a page sections are not working - on two projects at the same time somehow… Could anyone take a look? :slight_smile:

Here is 1st site Read-Only:

Here is 2nd site Read-Only:

Hi @Jekaterina_Aleksejev

They seem to work fine to me - can you let the Bugs team know which browser you are seeing this on, and if you see it in Incognito modes?

Also if you can record your screen to show what is happening, this is useful too. (Cloudapp works well).

Hi @Jekaterina_Aleksejev,

I took a look at both projects and seems that the anchor links are working as expected. Here is what I’m seeing on my end:

Project 1 -
Project 2 -

Are you experiencing something different? If so, could you please provide more information?
I’m happy to take another look.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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