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Alt text issue - "null" not picked up by accessibility checkers

I have run a couple of accessibility tests on my website - the WAVE chrome app and

They tell me there is an issue with my logo not having ALT TEXT.

When I Chrome inspect the page HTML there is an ALT, but no =""


This is clearly what the accessibility checker is picking up.

When I look at the HTML in the Designer I get
<div class="nav-bar w-container"><a href="/" class="logo-link w-nav-brand"><img src="images/logo-and-name.svg" width="298" alt=""></a>
which seems fine.

When I copy the Element from the Chrome Inspect and drop it into Codepen I get
<a href="/" class="logo-link w-nav-brand w--current"><img src="" width="298" alt=""></a>

What’s going on? Why aren’t the accessibility checkers picking up the alt text?


Here is my site Read-Only:
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