Trying to add some alt text for an image / icon

I am just trying to eliminate as many accessibility issues as I can on a site I am currently working on. I am having some trouble adding all text to the little cross icon which closes the images in a lighbox. Its in the ‘work I’m proud of’ section - the images there can be enlarged to view them full size. So its the little cross to close them again.

Code looks like:

<img src="" alt="" class="lightbox-close-icon">

I can find the icon in the assets panel and add some alt text there (see attached screenshot), but its not picking it up.

The page is here:

And the read only webflow project is here:

Any suggestions welcome, as I’m on a mission to eliminate all of the accessibility errors. Thank you!


it does show for me. Have you cleared your cache etc? :slight_smile:


Thanks for having a look - I literally just found it in the settings - I’d drilled down, but just missed it before. So I’ve just fixed them. For future reference, I’ll leave these images here…

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