Almost there -- Navbar Support

Hopeful someone can help me. I’m designing a new navigation bar with a customized drop down using columns. It’s looking good on staging for me across device types, however when my colleague opens it on her browser (which is the same browser as me), a few things are happening:

  • Dropdown is a different shade of white from the rest of the navigation
  • Smaller scrollbars are appearing within the navigation on desktop, which I am not getting (image below)
    Screen Shot 2023-03-02 at 1.28.16 PM

Her laptop is also bigger than mine, so the dropdown is super right justified (I might be able to fix that, but thoughts are appreciated).

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - FCM_NG_Copy
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Hi Leila,

It looks as though on your 1440px breakpoint, your element with the class ‘Dropdown list 2’ has a background colour of white, rather than the transparent background on the base breakpoint, which is causing the colour difference on larger breakpoints.

The scrollbars should be resolved by changing the Navbar element’s overflow from ‘Scroll’ to ‘Hidden’ on the base breakpoint.

I’d also experiment with adding some left and right padding to your navbar element to resolve the justification issue!

Thank you so much! Definitely did the trick.

Hi! So, the scrollbar is still showing for my colleague, unfortunately. Did I change the wrong element (Scroll > Hidden)? Or perhaps it’s because she has a PC and I have a Mac? Is there a setting that could help with that?

Thank you!