Struggling with a nav_bar

Hey Webflow!

I’ve been busy creating an marketplace software for freelancers and businesses, now that my application has been made I would like to have a website to express my application!

I’ve found a perfect template from Box wich was clone able! so I started editing the website… but I’m currently stuck at the nav_bar.

so basically when you enter the website the nav bar is transparant and covered in the header picture, but when you scroll down it turns into a white nav_bar and the translated/logo etc. didin’t transform it! so my thought are that it are 2 different nav_bars but I’m struggling to find the second nav_bar (the white one) any tips where to find it or maybe a solution?

Greetings, Jack

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Please share your read-only link for us to be able to have a look at it.

The second nav is called “Menubar fixed” and it is right below the regular navbar.

Yeah I spotted it also … but whenever I want to press it or show it it doesn’t do anything, I almost tried everything… but not the thing that I need to do… how can I show the nav bar?

SO what is the thing you want to do then? It is invisible because it has a height of 0 and grows only when you are scrolling te page.

I want to change the text and logo from it but while in editing I can’t get it into my screen, while editing the nav_bar isn’t sticky…

do you now what I mean? otherwise I’ll make a quick video of it.

Give it some height, modify as necessary, set it back to 0

Thats what I’m trying to do… but I just can’t figure it out… I’ve found the fixed one and already managed to change the logo, but I can’t full-fill the nav bar at my editor so I can change text etc.

Let me clarify - are you trying to edit your content in editor or inside designer?

just clicking open designer at my dashboard of Webflow, then when I enter the preview mode I see that when the navigation bar is hitting an certain point on the website, the header will turn into white instead of the transparant, when I’m playing with the Navigator (Z) and I click on the fixed navigator, he doesn’t pops up, and I tried it for over 2 hours and still can’t see the white navigation bar on my designer where I can translate it, and re-design it.

Ah, there is also opacity that you need to change from 0. Overlooked that one initially. SO:

  • select menubar fixed, set its height to anything other than 0 (like 100px for example)
  • scroll options to the bottom, set opacity to 100%
  • make modifications
  • change both parameters back to what they were (height:0, opacity:0)