Allow animations to target any class, combo or otherwise

Let’s say I have 3 image elements on my page. I use a combo class to effectively declare:

.image {
  position: absolute;
  border: 2px solid red;
  opacity:  .75;
  etc: etc;

.one { top: -15px }
.two { top: -25px }
.three { top: -35px }
<img class="image one">
<img class="image two">
<img class="image three">

Webflow’s “combo class” feature means that, if I try to apply an animation to these elements via class, I have to use target three seperate “combos.” i.e. “image one”, “image two”, “image three.” This probably means webflow is using javascript to query/manipulate the dom via three separate queries. This seems very messy to me and probably impacts performance.

Whatever benefit the forced “combo classes” feature has, I can’t understand how they’d apply here. Allow us (see edit) to target any selector.

Who’s with me?

edit: Originally, I wrote “allow us to just target the top level selector of the combo class.” I now see that is possible, but it requires me to restructure the css of a whole group of elements.

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Hi @kylepalmer

You should be able to see the parent class to select in the drop down of the target ‘trigger’ settings, at the bottom of the first screen. It’s small arrows on the right. This allow you to pick the parent of all the combo classes instead.

webflow-trigger setting