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Set multiple classes on element without a combo class?

I’m learning Webflow here at the moment and have an issue that I would have thought would be simple and obvious but it isn’t. The HTML standard allows me to apply multiple independent classes to an element - e.g. I can have a div that has class=“dog cat monkey” and each of these classes contain their own CSS settings that all get applied to the element. This allows me to create a class for a certain type of animation and then apply it to numerous elements.

In Webflow the interactions support classes, so that I can apply the interaction to whichever objects share the same class. However, when I try to assign my new ‘animation’ class to existing objects, I am forced to create a combo class - so that there’s no apparent way for me to isolate the animation settings within their own CSS class and apply it to multiple elements that otherwise would not share a CSS class or combo class.

Am I missing something? As it is this really makes class management quite difficult and breaks some of the basic design principles in CSS.



I have noticed this as well! It seems like an oversight to not allow this kind of class targeting. Its one of the reasons why I often unfortunately make most interactions with jquery instead of the provided interface.

This is a older thread, although you can definitely apply interactions to specific classes that are a combo class on an element. For example, I use a .fadein combo class that allows that image to start with a 0 opacity and fade in to reveal itself on page load: