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How do you reference a Combo-class in Interactions?

How do you reference a Combo-class name for instance when specifying the “Affect different element(s)” option while defining an Interactions Trigger?

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Create div with class name exactly same as your combo-class. It will register this combo class as a global too and it will become available in the interactions. Then you can delete that “dummy” div.

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Thanks for the quick reply @sabanna. It sounds like a nice trick but I am not so sure it works.
Please have a look at the shared link :

The trick is being performed on the “Quick Info” button in the upper left tile. The desire is to cause the image in the tile to be replaced by the quick text points, just as it does if you click the image itself.

You did ALMOST everything correct :slight_smile: just seems you got confused by term “combo class”

So you just have to create class “Svc_Img”

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Thank you very much @sabanna! You are right, I was under the incorrect impression that the combination of classes was the definition of a Combo class. Thanks for the clarification and your trick works like a treat :+1:

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