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All link blocks aren't showing hand pointer

Here is my read-only site link:

All my links blocks were working perfectly by showing the hand pointer when hovering over them but they’ve suddenly stopped working and now only show the regular pointer. Does anyone know what I’ve done wrong?



Work great on My side. look:

Same here.

Which link blocks are you reffering to?

Hi @ChrisT

Are they working for you? All the links blocks throughout the whole site aren’t working for me, I just tried republishing the site and still didn’t work. Very strange.

@shokoaviv That’s so strange, I just tried republishing the site and still doesn’t work for me. None of the link blocks throughout the whole website are working properly.


hand pointer is shown on any link on both designer preview and published site for me.

You could try and empty your browser cache.

Thanks :smiley: I’ll give that a go now!