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Help with hand cursor not appearing with link blocks

Here is my public share link:

Ok…hopefully a quick fix but why is the hand cursor not appearing over any of my link blocks? It looks like it changes to a hand cursor for a split second then defaults to the basic arrow.

It’s working fine for me. Maybe Browser related? Using Safari 9.0.1 here.

its working for me as well.

Which browser are you using? also, which elements are you referring to specifically?

I am testing it in chrome and safari on a mac. The “Full menu” link should have a hand cursor…all of the header elements are inside link blocks so should have hand cursor on hover…the cards toward bottom of page are all inside big link blocks and should have a hand cursor…the “read more” button is a link and should have hand cursor…nothing seems to change to hand :frowning:

Wait…I rebooted and now it is working…WEIRD. Never mind guys, thanks anyway :slight_smile:

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