All Interactions Broken in Chrome Based Browsers

Hey Everyone!

Recently, webflow reported issues of degraded performance on some sites and in the designer, unfortunately I was working on our site during this issue, and ever since all our pre-existing interactions are broken

It’s now been a few days since I reached out to support with no response yet, and the interactions are still broken on all pages that existed before the status was marked as resolved by webflow.

The broken interactions are causing the majority of our website to appear blank and our navigation isn’t accessible .
Has anyone else experienced this? Unfortunately, we’ve had to pause some ad campaigns to the site and its very bad timing for us.

From my digging, it seems to be all interactions, no matter if they are assigned to a class or selected element, and both custom animations and webflow preset animations such as fade in / slide up etc.

Some pages I created during the recent webflow editor issues work fine, but others are completely broken (such as the services CMS template) including the homepage. The problem is visible both in the editor preview and on the published site.

It also seems to be more of an issue inside chrome based browsers as Safari and Firefox seem to be completely fine.

Here is my public share link:

Are you certain that it’s not just a browser cache or chrome plugin issue?
I’m using Chrome/Win and your services pages look fine to me.

I’ve cleared browser cache and tried on multiple networks / devices and the issue persists for me.
Please check our homepage. Also please try to hover one of the dropdowns on the service page you screenshotted.

On the service page I deleted most of the interactions as that was a page I was actively working on.

Heres what we get on the homepage for example:

Everything that is hidden, has a standard webflow fade in interaction applied.

At my end, the problem is intermittent.
Here’s an example of it working and then not working after a refresh;

And here’s the console error when it fails;


Thank you for looking into this Michael, I could definitely scale back some of the interactions however the site has been up since early this year without this issue, and I haven’t added any additional interactions or edited the homepage.

Will definitely pass this on to support though incase it was related to the recent fix they applied while I was editing before I go ahead and remove interactions.

So! Webflow eventually got back to me and found the issue. annoyingly something very minor - Somehow an interaction had been duplicated, and also applied 4 times to one class, this element was my divider line which is present in multiple locations on almost all pages. All sorted now!

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