All forms suddenly stopped working across all sites

All forms across both of my sites suddenly stopped working when I added a new email to send submissions to. I’ve tried everything including reverting my settings and all forms keep telling me something is wrong. :frowning:

I am having the exact same problem today. All forms across all sites not working. Were you able to get it working in the end?


This is happening to me today, do you know what the problem was by any chance?

Usually, this happens if you send too many submissions from a single IP address. But these are usually temporary and IP-specific (meaning that other visitors are not impacted).

Otherwise, it may be blocked due to some false positives on the spam filter. So, i’d recommend trying two things:

  1. Try from a device that is connected to a different network
  2. Toggle the spam filter off in the Forms tab of your site settings

Make sure to double check all your reCAPTCHA settings too (i.e. making sure that all your forms have a reCAPTCHA field if it’s enabled on each site, and double checking your reCAPTCHA keys).

Best of luck! :pray: