All forms have stopped working across multiple sites

We have multiple websites on webflow, some sites have a reCAPTCHA, and some sites dont. But for some reason, about an hour ago, all forms across all sites have stopped working. When anyone presses SUBMIT it says there is an error.

Does anyone know why this might be happening?



PS. The main sites we use are and (login email is this one)

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hey Andy! :smiling_face:

Just replied to your comment in the other thread, but wanted to put this comment here for additional visibility as well.

Usually, this happens if you send too many submissions from a single IP address. But these are usually temporary and IP-specific (meaning that other visitors are not impacted).

Otherwise, it may be blocked due to some false positives on the spam filter. So, i’d recommend trying two things:

1. Try from a device that is connected to a different network
2. Toggle the spam filter off in the Forms tab of your site settings

Make sure to double check all your reCAPTCHA settings too (i.e. making sure that all your forms have a reCAPTCHA field if it’s enabled on each site, and double checking your reCAPTCHA keys).

Best of luck! :pray: