All elements with an interaction are no working in published version (JS error?)


This is my first time using Webflow and I am struggling with this issue.

I made the first prototype of my website and it is working fine in the designer/editor. However, the published version is no showing any element with an “Interaction”.

I look at the console of my browser and I got this error:

webflow.82a34ae28.js:38 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘opacity’ of undefined
at e.getStyle (webflow.82a34ae28.js:38)
at e.getInstanceOrigin (webflow.82a34ae28.js:38)
at _t (webflow.82a34ae28.js:16)
at webflow.82a34ae28.js:16
at Array.forEach ()
at webflow.82a34ae28.js:16
at Array.forEach ()
at vt (webflow.82a34ae28.js:16)
at webflow.82a34ae28.js:16
at webflow.82a34ae28.js:38

Do somebody know if it is something I can fix? or Is it a topic for customer support?

Thanks in advance

Published site:

Read only link:

Hey @Triboo_Technologies , this is because you have a Page Interaction when Page Starts Loading as scroll into view and when you see it, no elements are selected.

I would uncheck this interaction so you only have a Page Interaction when Page Finishes Loading and you should be good to go.

The reason you have that issue is because, the scroll into view interaction requires a trigger element and since it is selected to run when Page Starts Loading it cannot find those trigger elements and spits the JS error.

When setting up Page Interactions, you do not need to set up an interaction for both Page Start and Page Finish, so uncheck the scroll into view in Page Start.

Thank you so much @imtiazraqib , that really explains a lot and resolved my issue. I think I changed that option unintentionally. I am new in the Webflow platform so there are lots of things to learn.

Anytime @Triboo_Technologies , glad I could help. The forum is here for a reason, happy designing :grin: :+1:

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