Blog links to 404 error page


there seems to be a problem with our blog. On the published website it redirects us directly to the 404 error page, while it seems to be fine in our design environment.

Is anyone else having this issue or could help us out?

Thank you,


Read-only link: Webflow - taus&sassa 2.0

What link is the broken one? Is it the one in the navigation menu? From what page?

CAn you send me a link to the live site aswell?

It is the blog, the link for the live page is:

Thanks a lot!

Hi @MetinBk,

It looks like you have multiple version of the nav bar that are linked differently. The slug for your Blog page is ‘/blog-2’, but that version of the nav bar links to ‘/blog’ which doesn’t exist.

Thank you, renaming the slug solved the problem!

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