Alert: multiple affected elements

Hello everyone, i used Modkit extension Modkit Chrome Extension for Webflow | Jetboost to get an alert when I changed multiple elements in the project.

Unfortunately the extension no longer exists. Is there a valid alternative?

Can someone help me?

@Fosca_C - That plugin is no longer supported and should not be used anymore. Follow your own link to read the notice.

Thank you, i know it, but is there an alternative?

I never used that extension. What functional requirement do you have?

I would have a visible alert when I change multiple elements in the project in differents pages

Sorry but since I never got the product brief your description does not cut it for me. If an app does not exist the option is to go build one or pay someone else to do it for you.

When you select an element with a custom class, it will tell you in the designer how many other elements on that page or other pages share the same class.

for example:

Also, if you click on the text that says for example “21 on this page, 3 on other pages”, in the Webflow designer any element on that page that shares the same class name will be outlined in pink — for example: Dropbox Capture

Does that help at all?

Yep, i know that, but i would like to have an alert, it would be great

@Fosca_C -I noticed you have a suggestion for Webflow. I just wanted to let you know that Webflow keeps a wishlist where you can check for similar feedback or submit new ideas. While they may not always respond as quickly as we’d like, the wishlist is the best place to share your thoughts directly with their team.

If your idea isn’t on there yet, I’d encourage you to add it!

Here’s the link:

I did it! Thank you so much