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Advice on Getting Started with Ecommerce

Hello All.

Anyone have tips or advice on how to start experimenting with ecommerce beyond watching the Webflow videos?

One way I learn is by tinkering. At the moment, finding my ability to kick the tires limited as one needs to have a payment provider and an ecommerce plan set in order to start going through the checkout screens. Is there a way around this?

Thank you!

hi @ColleenBrady

You don’t really need to set up payment provider to design and preview all the Ecommerce pages (including Checkout, Order confirmation). If that’s what you want to test, you can do it in the Designer and in the Preview mode.

Once you’re ready to publish and start accepting orders, you can then add the payment provider and enable checkout functionality. This will open the entire checkout flow on the published website.

Please let me know if you have additional questions!

Hello @maciejjasinski.

I can see how I may be able to see individual pages in the Designer. But is there a way to see the entire process flow from selecting an item, putting it in the cart, and checking out? I

I started with the available e-commerce template. One issue I encountered is that I couldn’t put items into the basket in preview mode because a form was part of the process. I then published the site after creating a new product where I tried to make sure only one variant was possible.

Trying to go through the process flow again resulted in the error shown below.

My preview only link is

Thank you.

Hi @ColleenBrady

You’re right. You can design and manually switch between pages in the Designer. Unfortunately at the moment, in order to test the full purchase / checkout flow (with all the forms working), you’ll need to connect a real payment gateway and test it on the actual published website.

I’d also encourage you to add or upvote an existing feature idea on our Wishlist. Here’s the one that i think matches what you’d like to be able to use: