How to test E-commerce before submitting work to client

Hi guys,

As a web designer I have recently started using Webflow and I am a bit afraid to offer it for E-commerce to clients who order a web design from me. Because I am not sure how it works I am worrying that I will look stupid not knowing its features. I checked the E-commerce basic Webflow Academy course

I have questions in my mind and I am sure there is more that I need to know except for what I am thinking of, for example:

  1. Will a website owner receive the list of the clients who made a purchase on the website? And where to look for this list?

  2. I added a discount offer but it seems that the field to enter it didn’t appear on the checkout page. Or is it because i am not using any e-commerce plan?

  3. If a client has only one product do you actually need an e-commerce plan or you could just insert a Stripe payment window though an embed? In this case where would my client find the name of the buyers?

Is there a way for me to test or see how it fully works?

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Hi Adam!

Hopefully, this adds some insight!

1- Every time a purchase is made an email with order details is sent to specified people (that you/the client selects) and in the ‘editor’ which the client will get ‘staff access’ too, there is an orders tab, that shows total orders, $, and then lists out the orders which you can mark as fulfilled, refunded, etc! You can also hook up shippo (a shipping platform) and webflow will put all orders directly into your client’s Shippo dashboard to fulfill orders!

2- You have to add this! Click the plus sign in the designer and drag in the discounts box!

3- I believe you still have to use eccommerce but have never dabbled with this!

To test Eccomerce, you just need to turn on the cart + have payment info (Stripe or Paypal) set up! I usually create a 100% off code so that I do not need to enter payment info to test :slight_smile:

I hope this helps!!


Hi Victoria,

That’s great! Thank you very much for your answer! :heart: