Advanced Filtering question

I have a page that’s currently using the Finsweet attributes system in a few dropdowns with checkboxes in them that the user can click to filter the collection

What I’m wondering is would it be possible to create some kind of logic where instead of displaying ALL of the items containing either of those tags, could we display items that contain BOTH of those tags?


Let’s say the first list you can filter from is Color, and the second list is Size

Let’s say the user selects Blue Color, and Medium Size

Currently the page would display Blue items with any size AND Medium size with any color

Would it be possible to have a filter system that displays items that match BOTH filters, so ONLY blue items that are medium size instead of showing any item that has either of those tags?

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@franzruggiero - it appears this is possible, if you go to the third example Filter CMS with all form elements you can see that multiple conditions must be met in order for an element to appear in the list.

This shows a destination in the United States AND in the Entertainment category:

Whereas if you just select United States and no category you get many more results:

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I’ve not tried this with Finsweet’s filters, but if you cannot get Sam’s approach to work for you, you might check MixItUp2. I use that frequently for filtering on multiple axises.

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