AdSense "ads.txt" updates? Any advice?

Hello everyone.

This is the last remaining issue I seem to have. I have all my connections set up, and google AdSense is working on my site… but I have this notification glaring me in the face in my AdSense account.

“Earnings at risk - You need to fix some ads.txt file issues to avoid severe impact to your revenue.”

I understand the concept here but I have been learning everything as I go. I have been reading very mixed things about this issue, and I wanted to see if anyone has an up to date solution that works? Does it even matter if my site already shows ads? Do I actually need a different 3rd party hosting service to get rid of this notification/error?

Any inight on this would be greatly appreciated. It just seems strange that everything has been seamless and straightforward through my whole process (for the most part), but this seems strange. I just don’t want to try things and then wait for days, just to see if it worked. If there is a better solution, or if it isn’t even a real problem.

Thanks, much appreciated ahead of time.