Adding Tax Calculators to a Webflow site


I will need to add various tax calculators for my clients (accountants) websites. Much in the same way as this tax calculator page, where you can click on various calculators an input the data.

How would this be achieved, please?


You can use this free tool to create simple calculators for your site

Create and Embed a (Formula) Calculator

Cool feature! Calculators for calculating taxes is a very useful thing that will be very suitable. I’ll try it too. I have a small business in the production of fabric products, and I constantly need to calculate my taxes, so as not to have problems with the tax office, the court, and so on. My colleagues helped me find a good and simple tax calculator on which I still use, but I want to have several calculators to compare the results of taxes and be sure of the accuracy of the result. So if you add different calculators here, I will definitely use them