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Do you have the opportunity to make calculators?

I want to create a website on webflow, because I really liked the platform. But I am still a beginner and have not fully studied and understood all the settings.
Tell me, please, is it possible to create a simple calculator here or connect an external service? Maybe there is a special module for this or an online service that you could recommend, so that I can create a calculator and embed it on my future website.

See Webflow general questions

There is no built-in ability to create online calculators in Webflow, but this can be done using one of the following services:

It is quite easy to insert a calculator using custom code.


To create a calculator, I definitely can recommend uCalc, a rather interesting tool and very simple. I don’t know how to program at all and that’s why it was a really good choice for me. Through the visual designer, you need to add different fields and lists, then the widget code is simply copied and added to the right place of the pages on Webflow.

If you use Google, you can find many interesting online services for creating calculators. Something like this I found through which I created a calculator in Webflow and it turned out to be very simple.