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How to create a "Blog Category"

I was watching the video on how to filter blogs, but i dont know how to make categories.

how did he create that?

This is the basic principle of a database: cross tables. In Webflow’s language: referenced collections.

So you have a collection called blog post right? With fields like Title, Body of text, Images etc. Two obvious things you need to add are : category, and author if there’s more than one author. But those are repeatable informations, so you don’t want to type them in as text in a text field of your blog post collection. Also you want to be able to sort by category or author a list of blog posts later.

To do this, create a new collection. Called Categories. Add a text field for the name of the category, and maybe a color field so you can later give a colored hint in each blog post depending on its category. Once done, add 3 categories to begin with.

Once the collection is made, go back to the settings of your blog post collection, add a Reference field and select the category collection. Now in each blog post (creation or editon) you’ll have a list to pick categories.

And do the same for Authors, and for anything that is a characteristic of a blog post.


here is my link, im probably missing something.

Categories colors make more sense in a list:

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Duuuude your awesome!!

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thank you for your help

HI there, are the videos no longer available? I cant seem to click on any of them.

Can you send me the link to what video you are referring to?

All of the above, this is what it looks like to me, cant click on anything :thinking:

Oh that was while ago I wander if that expired. But maybe i can help, i dont work for websflow but maybe i can help answer your question.

Thank you! I figured this part out already :blush: