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At one point, I thought I asked this question or found it addressed but couldn’t find it again today. I have blog posts that a client could potentially want more than one category on (personally, I like just one category per post but that’s coming from WP where multiple categories created basically duplicate content). Anyway, I have a single category field and get the list linking to the category to work fine.

Is there a way to link to multiple categories and have it linkable? For example, post1 has 2 categories(A,B) assigned and I want a list of the categories so that when a user clicks either “category A” or “category B” post1 shows up.

Isn’t the Multi Reference thing just for that?

Add it and link it to your collection of tags/vocabulary, and you’ll be able to select several for each record (blog post).

Here I have a collection for categories of posts. I added some categories.

Then when I make a blog post I can select multiple items of my vocabulary collection (taxonomy)

The dynamic list in a page, with a filter “contains boiology”, both pst appear because they both have biology

And only one contains “food”

is that it?

Not exactly.

I have a categories collection. I have a posts collection. In the posts collection I have the multi-reference field and that all works no issues.

The issue is I want to pull the categories into a list and when you click on categoryA it dynamically pulls the posts with categoryA. This seems to work fine using the reference but not the multi-reference.

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