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Additional Pages for my Blog

Hey Everyone,

I have a blog on my website and right now the first page looks great.

However, when you click to go to the second page, it is a 404 error.

How do I make the second page look as good as the first? Right now it doesn’t even exist. I think I may have deleted them from the template since it was stock info assuming that once the first page filled up with blog posts, they would overfill into the other pages.

Here is a read-only link:

Thank you in advance for your assistance!


Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi Miles - awesome site.

Consider using Tabs (found in the left builder menu) and design them to appear on the bottom and look like pagination links. Simply include the dynamic list in the first tab pane with a CMS filter set to show Latest blog posts starting at 1 and ending at 14. Then, replicate the dynamic list in the second tab pane and set a filter to show Latest blog posts starting at 15 and ending at 28. Repeat this process on the third tab (or, however many tabs you want!).

You should now have a beautiful, paginated blog. Good luck.



Yes! This is perfect.

Thank you, @ctrav! I was hung up on the order but the 1-14 & subsequent 15-? is simply brilliant.

Pura Vida!

One quick question about tabs, @ctrav, if you don’t mind.

We intend to have a large number of blog posts. Will tabbing them eventually look sloppy? For example, if we have 15 posts per page but have 200 blog posts, it would require 14 tabs.

How would the tabs populate with that many? Right now my template is set to having different pages on the first page of the blog and in the lower-left hand corner they’re labeled 1, 2, 3. Would they populate in a similar fashion? Thanks in advance. I’ve yet to work with “tabs.”

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