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Add a button within a Lightbox?

I would like to add a call-to-action button within a lightbox (below the media).

I understand you cannot edit the contents of the lightbox (aside from the native photo or video option) but I’m wondering if someone has found a solution using custom code.

The alternative is to create my own modal (and not use Webflow’s native Lightbox feature) however this is a lot more difficult since my lightbox link is inside a slider with overflow: hidden. (long story, but I’m using Finsweet’s custom dynamic lightbox javascript)

I would like to simply continue using the native Webflow Lightbox, but have the option to add a button (with button link coming from the CMS).

Any ideas? Thank you!

Hi Eric
Have managed to find a solution for this? I’m also quite curious how it works. Anybody?
Thanks & Best