Adding a subdomain to a site when the domain is already connected to another webflow site

Hi all!

I’m trying to connect a subdomain to a new site. But when I add it, the “that domain is already connected to a Webflow” error appears. The thing is that I have the domain connected to a different Webflow site, and want to connect the subdomain to a new Webflow site.

Does anyone have ideas on how can this be done? Because the error doesn’t let me add the subdomain

Hope anyone can help

Webflow treats subdomains differently, so, and are all separate and can point to separate websites.

If your Site A has and assigned to it, you can assign a different subdomain like to Site B without any problems.

Just make sure-

  1. cannot be assigned to any other site
  2. When you add it to Site B, you must enter the full subdomain

And you’ll be fine.